To all my loyal followers, 
I have decided to switch back to my non-fandom/personal/inspiration blog. Lately I just haven’t felt at all like blogging here (plus I haven’t in a loooong time) and I want to focus more on all the things that inspire me, instead of just random fandom blogging and my other tumblr blog is the perfect place for just posting everything what I like. This blog just doesn’t really represent me anymore or fits me at all, but I am starting to miss the blogging, but in a different way. More about art, fashion, photography, typography, design, etc. This blog will be kept in tact, just because I think you should never throw something away that was important for you in the past. 

If you are interested, my other blog is: dropfromtheclouds.tumblr.com, where I will be posting from now on about everything that inspires me and keeps me busy. 

Thank you all for the lovely times and hope to see you on my other blog,

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so Hi, I guess. Kind of got to the conclusion that I haven’t post since the beginning of february and I do stalk the shit out of my dashboard way more than I should with the time I need to spent on finishing this school year, but I have missed it kind of. So, just wanted to say, hi, still alive and kicking, things are just crazy busy now and more things going on but everything is fine :)

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